Our Practice

from the CEO, Takafumi Katsuki, MD., Ph.D.

In pregnancy and childbirth, there is a sequence of miracles showing power of nature. While we still see some inexplicable and mysterious aspects, our goal is to support you through such big event. At Katsuki Ladies Clinic, our maternity services are designed for your comfort and convenience and include specialized care for you and your child, from preconception care to fertility care, and from prenatal care to childbirth so that both you and your child would leave the hospital happily and healthy. We strive to make your experience a joyful, unforgettable one by giving the best, complete, healthcare in a caring environment. Feel free to visit us and ask our staff or physicians any questions you may have about your care because we want you to play an active role in your health.

Our Goals

To provide exceptional care from preconception care to prenatal care, childbirth to postpartum care so that all patients would bring healthy baby home.

Our History


Dr. Takafumi Katsuki established the Katsuki Medical Building in Mikawa, Nakaku.


The clinic was relocated to a new building in Koi, Nishi-ku.


Dr. Takafumi Katsuki was appointed as the new CEO.


Dr. Eisuke Katsuki founded the clinic in Koi, Nishi-ku.

Since its founding in 1970, KATSUKI Ladies Clinic has been one of the leaders who provide quality obgyn services in Hiroshima. Our practice was established by Dr. Eisuke Katsuki, the father of the current CEO.

In 2005, we continued our tradition of innovation by building a state-of-the-art facility in Koi, Nishiku area. When Dr. Takafumi Katsuki began his career, there were a number of clinics and facilities where people can give birth in Nishiku, Hiroshima. However, for the past 25 years, many of them had discontinued the service of childbirth, and now Katsuki Ladies Clinic in Koi is the only one that have childbirth facility in Nishiku area, and the tendency is also the case in Nakaku. Under the circumstances, we strive to accomodate women in Nakaku and other areas in Hiorhima, and to provide quality medical care to improve the overall health and wellness of our patients.


Dr. Takafumi Katsuki, MD., Ph.D.

Dr. Takafumi Katsuki, MD., Ph.D.
also the Chair of the Board of Akizukikai Medical Corporation

Board Certified Fellow of the Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Board Certified Member of the Japan Society of Reproductive Medicine
Board Certified Member of the Japan Society of Fertilization and Implantation
Certified member of Maternal Protection Act