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Premium Kinu-Shokupan ~One of the best quality soft white bread in Hiroshima~

Our values

We select only the finest ingredients.
Our bread is artrisanal and handmade,
making its texture as fine and fluffy as silk,
from which its name is derived.

Our bread is handmade and is baked using traditional baking techniques,
therefore it's limited quantity. We appreciate your understanding.

Our Quality Ingredients

  • 1. Flour from Hokkaido gives the bread an excellent melt-in-the-mouth quality
  • 2. "Wasanbon," a fine-grained Japanese sugar, enhancing the distinctive flavor.
  • 3. The natural stweetness and flavor of milk gives it a rich flavor.
  • 4. "Moshio," a seaweed salt from Kamagari, helps to reveal sweetness and "Umami," the deliciousness.
  • 5. Mixed flower honey from Miyoshi, Hiroshima, enhances its flavor better.

Introducing our Bakery

All of our bread is baked at the bakery on the 9th floor of the building.
We also provide our bread to patients staying at our obstetrics upstairs and to Restaurant Be.

How to enjoy our Premium Kinu-Shokupan:Firstly, just tear and taste, untoasted.

Our bread is made to the highest standards and bursting with superior quality, taste and texture to provide you with blissful moment. Once it's in your mouth, you'll notice the flavorfull taste and the melt-in-the-mouth texture.

To enjoy our Premium Kinu-Shokupan more:Toasting will enhance the original sweetness and flavor of the bread even more.Tossing our salad and making a salad sandwich is another great way to enjoy our bread.
Our Ingredients in Detail